In Récits-Récifs, Line Nault uses the body and technology to set in landscape texts from her research into the non-self and the non-place.

A series of 30 short poems is transposed into « moving landscapes » in real time, thanks to a modular media device that captures and retransmits the content according to different temporal, spatial and graphic alterities. Video and audio effects transform body action into « material moments » that accumulate to create an island where topographic future, present and past coexist.

The performers draw on a vast collection of costume and fabric scraps to construct these moments that evoke the living in its natural, biological and cultural dimensions. The narrative then becomes a reef – a narrative which, once invested by the body, remains only a heap of memories that have become sediment.

We are welcomed to this mutant island, where we will witness the re-actualization of 12 to 15 reef narratives. By the end of the performances, the team will have given shape to the entire topography of the island.

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