OFFTA 2024 | Slug Meal + Brailler comme une Madelaine

OFFTA 2024 | Slug Meal + Brailler comme une Madelaine

Double feature

Slug Meal

Camille Huang

This choreographic solo features a performer haunted by the manifestation of a swallowed slug. A slime emerges from the cultural connotations associated with taste and distaste. This performative digestion is an embodied inquiry into intercultural identity, complexifying the notions of purity, belonging, and the implications of “filth” within a feminized Chinese body.

© Mary Sydlowska

Brailler comme une Madelaine

Catherine Desjardins-Béland

This personal and universal piece tells the story of a family, of decaying flesh and profound inner peace. Catherine dives into this performance to share a transformative and profound experience as she confronts death, gazes upon it calmly, and transcends existential anguish. BDSM is approached here as a realm of calm, vulnerability and safety.

©Emilie Poirier


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