Ithacan Idol Presents: The Odyssey

Ithacan Idol Presents: The Odyssey

"Who is Odysseus? Stranger or companion, wayfarer or colonizer, somebody or nobody—the hero of the Odyssey, even in the epic itself, is a controversial figure.

The 2023 McGill Classics Play now brings to the stage the once-a-millennium game show, Ithacan Idol, where contestants will unravel this imagined and reimagined mythic figure. 

In acknowledging our presence on Tiohtià:ke, the un-ceded territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka, the 2023 production of The Odyssey will also be raising funds for and donating a portion of our revenues to the Montreal Native Women's Shelter

Given current events, and the themes of our production, we will also be donating to AGIR Montreal, supporting queer refugees. 
Recommended for ages 14+, for strong profanity, innuendo, and mild violence. Parental discretion is suggested."

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