Luca Stricagnoli, Mathieu Fiset, Gareth Pearson
Candyrat Records presents

Luca Stricagnoli, Mathieu Fiset, Gareth Pearson

September 18th 2019
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm / Doors: 7:00 pm

181 rue Saint-Vallier Est, Québec, QC, Canada
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Luca Stricagnoli

Luca Stricagnoli, born and raised in Italy, is an acoustic guitarist known for his unique style and innovative playing techniques. His original approach to music has led him to a variety of successes from obtaining over 100 million views on his music videos to having the opportunity to perform all around the globe. Using up to five guitars in the same piece, modified capos, and self-conceived stratagems, Luca continually leaves his audiences in awe and wondering what’s next for the up-and-coming guitarist. In addition to his musical abilities, Luca brings an enthusiastic energy to the stage that attracts concert requests from every corner of the world.

Mathieu Fiset

Mathieu Fiset is a musician and composer based in Quebec City, Canada. Mathieu Fiset grew up in a musician’s family. He started playing keyboards at a very young age and studied classical piano. In his teens, Mathieu joined several local bands and started writing and recording his original music. After recording several albums and promoting them on tours in Canada, Mathieu expanded his horizons and toured extensively over a six year period in the United Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia and China. While on tour, he continued to produce new albums and signed with CandyRat Records in the USA to release his music to a greater audience. In 2018, Mathieu came back to Quebec City and produced a new solo album, Endless Imagination, inspired by his personal and professional experiences abroad.

Gareth Pearson

Gareth Pearson is referred to as “The Welsh Tornado” which is particularly appropriate, seeing as this special talent combines fingerstyle pyrotechnics, with explosive lead runs making Pearson one of the most exciting acoustic musicians gigging today. Gareth has a distinctive style that can be heard through his creative and innovative arrangements which cover a wide spectrum of genres, including country/folk/classical/pop/rock/jazz/swing and bluegrass music, along with his own beautiful and often intricate original compositions.