Sheenah Ko Band ft Brittney Canda, Holobody
Sheenah Ko presents

Sheenah Ko Band ft Brittney Canda, Holobody

April 28th 2019
9:00 pm – 11:45 pm / Doors: 8:00 pm

4461 St-Denis, Montréal, QC, Canada
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Sheenah Ko

If you could visualize the music of Sheenah Ko, it would be a cascade of colour, full of bold strokes, the splattering vibrancy of Jackson Pollock, the haunting emotive power of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, and a dose of Warholian pop. Raised by parents who are both painters, it is no surprise that the music Sheenah creates evokes imagery as well as thoughts and emotions. Through her improvisational mastery and skill with melody, she has audiences enraptured through her presentation of dynamic musical canvases through the medium of her sophisticated synth pop stylings. This is particularly evident on her forthcoming sophomore studio album, Nowhere In Time, which runs the gamut between effusive, upbeat, 1980s-inspired power pop to more atmospheric and trancey instrumental numbers. After nearly eight years of working alongside other top-flight musicians and seeing other songwriters at their craft, Sheenah decided it was time to uncork the wellspring of her own compositional creativity by releasing her own music in the 2018 EP FREE. Her remarkable versatility, ability to learn on the fly and quickly improvise the sounds she needs to play on a record or play on a tour has not only made Sheenah one of Montreal’s most in-demand keyboard players but is one of the reasons why her songwriting technique is very much an improvised stream of consciousness, where she allows her latent talent, and the many years of performing a diverse array of music and genres to come to the fore. What makes a Sheenah Ko solo outing so memorable is the combination of the hauntingly hypnotic music and visual presentation that is truly one of a kind. Performing solo behind her keyboard array, she demonstrates a mastery of her instrument but also evokes an air of mystery and focus that draws the audience in. But it is her accompaniment that makes for the most striking addition to the show. Montreal professional dancer Brittney Canda has become an integral part of Sheenah’s gigs, with her bold, evocative movements marrying perfectly to the rhythms and emotions of the music, creating a dynamic visual presentation unlike any other.


Holobody is the chosen name of singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Luke Loseth, whose experimental pop output shares the eclectic joie-de-vivre of contemporaries with such comparable rhythmic verve as Panda Bear, Perfume Genius, and Atlas Sound. Winding alternately through droning soundscapes and driving drum patterns, Loseth’s sotto voce evokes a weary soul imbued with a sense of evergreen wonder – childlike but not naive, optimistic but not blindly so. Drawing on an eclectic array of influences, the result is something that resembles folk's mythological storytelling refracted through pop's colourful prism and locked into techno's hypnotic groove. Loseth was raised in a musical family on the Canadian Prairies and resides in Montréal, Québec, where he still collaborates with his sister Charlotte, aka Sea Oleena, whose breakthrough 2014 album Shallow he produced. His 2018 EP, Wandering, dwells on the suspicion that a simpler life is possible even as the world gallops out of control. In the purest sense, Holobody is devotional music: the experience and the subtext aspire to an elevated place, actualized and at peace with oneself and one’s environment. It’s the sound of gazing skywards and finding nothing up there that isn’t already down here. / soundcloud / facebook / twitter: @holobody / instagram: @l_uke__