Johnny Legdick: The Fabled Rocked Opera

Johnny Legdick: The Fabled Rocked Opera

That's right folks, the circus is back in town after almost a decade!
Cursed with a third leg, Johnny Legdick was sold to the circus by his parents and forced to live out his life in misery. But upon finding his true love (who is similarly disfigured), he decides to do what no freak has tried before at Suckadecocka circus… escape. 

This award winning rock opera is finally back to captivate audiences once more.

It's had a bit of a facelift as well and features a completely updated script as well as a brand new cast.

The freaks will rise!


Jonah Carson as Johnny Legdick
Skyler Clarke as Hannah Handvag
Tim Coker as Steve The Steed
Nils Svensson-Carell as Suckadecocka Lickadagravy
Tom Carson as Grandpa
Tyler Miller as Billy


Macleod Truesdale on Guitar 1

Tyler Miller on Guitar 2

Elijah Fisch on Bass

Erik Fines on Drums

Jimmy Karamanis on Miscellaneous 

Directed by: Jimmy Karamanis

Written by: Jonah Carson, Jimmy Karamanis, Macleod Alan Truesdale, Tyler Miller and Elijah Fisch

Stage managed by: Leif Truesdale

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