Iszoloscope, White Ring, Cenotype + Invités/Guests
AMP Industrial Events presents

Iszoloscope, White Ring, Cenotype + Invités/Guests

August 31st 2019
9:00 pm – 3:00 am

1635 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC, Canada
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Yann Faussurier has been making music under the moniker Iszoloscope since 1999, crafting pulsing, pounding soundscapes with a core of industrial, hard-core, break-core and rhythmic noise layered with intelligent and often surprising details, such as melodic percussion and carefully placed breaks, rich, orchestral textures and dark, cinematic distortions. Experimental in nature and charged with energy, the music evokes darkness, tension and atmosphere which immediately carry the listener away on an immersive, complex journey of introspection. Now based in the Netherlands, the project has amassed an impressive oeuvre: 8 full-length albums on European labels Ant-Zen and Spectre, 9 successful tours in Europe and North America, several EPs and collaborations, a long list of remixes and compilations, and appearances at shows and festivals around the world, including had regular spots on the lineup at Germany’s Maschinenfest.

White Ring

White Ring is a dark, trance-inspired duo based in New York, NY. Formed in the mid-2000s, White Ring began to emerge sometime in the middle of 2008. White Ring's first release was a split 7" with oOoOO on Sweden's Emotion Records - the split featured the track Roses. Roses was also featured on the duo's debut EP, Black Earth That Made Me, released in later 2010/2011. They also released Gate of Grief last year and Chained in May 2019. Considered somewhere between Industrial, raw Witch House, and modern Post Punk.


Influenced by the first and second ‘Power Noise’ waves of the mid-late 1990s, Cenotype now seeks to rise above the growing mass of imitators spawned by that movement to create an identity all its own, incorporating elements of Death Industrial and Power Electronics while staying true to his origins. This project centers around themes of morality, justice, sanity, depression and, at times, even redemption.


Creature is a Doomcore project created by Dj Na in early 2016. Influenced by Industrial, Hardcore, and Techno, the sounds and rhythms of his Dj sets and productions are down-tempo, dark, and heavy while remaining danceable.

Hollie Hensman

One half of Montreal's mysterious duo Brusque Twins, Hollie also DJs exuberantly for the local scene, mixing Techno, Coldwave, Post-Punk, and oldschool EBM.