Multiple Sales Options

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Attract thousands of buyers every day through a customized page on our website, complete with descriptions, pictures, and embedded checkout.

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Shopping Cart

Allow your customers to keep browsing your website with a secured shopping experience. Our shopping cart is the perfect selling tool for an elaborate website or a complex rates structure.

votre site

Purchase Window

Easily embed this purchase window to your website. A perfect solution for everyone, even those who are not exactly tech savvy!


Box Office

The Box Office is ideal for on-site and phone sales. Completed with integrated checkout, this tool allows you to apply discounts, give out complimentary passes, sell multiple events and rates in one transaction, and much more!

Only available in English & French


Large Scale Events

Our virtual waiting room allows patrons to view the number of buyers ahead in the queue and estimated their wait time. Ideal to prevent fraud and help you adjust your prices according to demand.

Printing Services

Print your passes at minimal cost and sell them via various local businesses in your area.

event protect

Protection Against the Unforeseeable

Thanks to Event Protect services, you won’t have to refund your customers if ever you need to cancel your event. Select the Event Protect coverage when publishing your event, and benefit from a cancellation protection in the case of adverse weather conditions, strike, vandalism, and more. A 2.5% fee will be added to the ticketing fee and passed along to your buyers. For more information, visit the provider’s website :