Effective Marketing Services

Over 2 million people visit our website each year. Imagine what you could accomplish with that kind of exposure.

Banner Ads

Drive your event’s visibility with banner ads on our website. We offer different options to get the most out of your budget.

Social Media

Our Instagram and Facebook pages attract thousands of visitors every single day. Power up your events with targeted posts on our social media.


Reach new customers by tapping into the power of the gigantic database we’ve been building for years!


A blog article created specifically for you and posted on our website allows you to share trustworthy content and reach our numerous online visitors.

Photo and Video Content

Enjoy photo and video content perfectly suited to your event. To share all over social media and more!

Many tools integrated to our platform can support your marketing efforts.

Don’t hesitate to contact our marketing consultant Émilie to learn more about our different services and prices.

She can help you reach your target audience and objectives by assisting you in structuring an effective campaign plan tailored to your budget and current strategy.

Email her emilie@thepointofsale.com