What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a channel of communication between the customer's credit card and your bank account.

There are several different types of merchant accounts, each offering different services and rates. We recommend seeking further information before choosing yours.

What is the difference between using your own merchant account and using Thepointofsale.comThepointofsale.co.id?

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Personal Merchant Account

By using your own merchant account, you will be charged per-transaction fees by your provider instead of benefiting from thepointofsale.comthepointofsale.co.id. Your money will be sent to your account in real time or in accordance with the negotiated terms.

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Thepointofsale.comThepointofsale.co.id Merchant Account

Avoid the hassle of setting up a new account by simply opting to use ours, which offers a 3,9 % transaction fee*. Payment of revenues collected is made in a single transaction on the Monday following your event, by check or bank transfer.

* Plus taxes

Visit Thepointofsale.comThepointofsale.co.id to view your revenues in real time, no matter which account you are using.