The Founders

The founders of are leaders in the fields of web development and event management.


They are surrounded by a large team of talented professionals, who go above and beyond each day when it comes to customer service, web programming, and the development of new markets. Their deep understanding of the industry and of its players will provide you with the tools necessary for navigating the road to your event's success.

Geneviève Têtu

Operations Director

Genevieve is aptly named, for the right reasons.

Julie Lebel

Event Advisor

Are you an event organizer who need information about our ticketing service? Julie is probably the first person you will talk with.

Sandy Randrezason

Web Developer

Sandy has studied Computer Science, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar.

François Pothier

Web Developer and Designer

With a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications combined with an AEC in Web development, François is a driven person who works in the shadows.

Dany Roberge

Business Development Agent

Active in the music industry for more than 15 years, Dany has performed on stage in the biggest international festivals and has been artistic director of a show-bar for ten years.

Émilie Lavoie

Marketing Manager

Organization, planning, strategy, analysis, and writing are the terms that summarize Émilie’s daily life.

Celya Parent-Roy

Event coordinator

Check issuance, balance of accounts, and bookkeeping are the main tasks of those with more than one card hidden in her sleeve.

Maxim Godbout

Event Advisor

Maxim has more than one trick in his bag. As an event organizer himself, you'll be happy when he picks up the phone to guide you through the many features of our platform.

William Grenier

Business Development and Digital Marketing Advisor

Juggling between the digital marketing and business development departments is all fun and games for the multitasking William.

Michel Blanchet

Event Advisor

Immersed in events and entertainment for a quarter of a century, Michel is an expert in his field.

Geneviève Bélanger

Technology Department Manager

With more than ten years of experience in the entertainment industry, this artist at heart will manage your projects with extra care and enthusiasm.

Philip Roy

Customer Service

Philip is the one who always comes to help the team.

Soufiane Benrqiq

Video Content Creator

Soufiane is our very own geek. Initially responsible for creating video content for our platform, he is also the reference when a computer refuses to cooperate.

Stéphanie Dufour

Reception and Customer Service

Cheerful, organized and resourceful, Stephanie will answer your calls with a smile in her voice and will always provide a service up to your expectations.

Karine Gosselin

Graphic Designer

Charles-Éric Vallée

Web Developer

Philippe Mandeville

Event Advisor

Lisa-Anne Poulin

Administrative Assistant

Anne-Frédérique Marcoux

Customer Service

Rosemarie Hamel

Event Advisor

Pascal Sain

Marketing Editor