Worry-Free Refund

Worry-Free Refund is a measure that ensures you get a refund, regardless of the reason, for a pass that you purchase. This period will end according to the specified date of the event. Worry-Free Refund only applies to the participating events.

Here are the details: 

1. For any reason that the customer deems justified and within the prescribed period, the customer may cancel his purchase and obtain a refund from the organizer.

2. The application period varies from one event to another. Check the specific conditions in the refund policy section of the event for which you wish to buy passes.

3. To cancel their purchase and obtain a refund, the customer must notify Thepoinofsale.com.com by filling in the refund form. It is possible to contact Thepointofsale.com directly by email at info@thepointofsale.com for assistance.

4. Any request for reimbursement that is incomplete, or concluded after the prescribed period will be considered null, inoperative, and invalid.

5. Note that for any reimbursement, the service fees and delivery costs are in no case refundable.

6. For any valid cancellation, the customer will be reimbursed directly on their credit card. The value of this refund will be equal to the amount of the purchase minus the service fees and shipping costs when applicable.

7. All other Terms of Use and Purchasing Policy of Thepointofsale.com apply to this promotion.

8. No matter the circumstances, if an event has to be canceled, the customer will be reimbursed.